There are 245 devices, listed alphabetically.

Acer beTouch E110Android
Acer beTouch E130Android
Acer beTouch E400Android
Acer LiquidAndroid
Acer Liquid EAndroid
Acer StreamAndroid
Alcatel OT-980Android
Android Dev PhoneAndroid
Android Dev Phone 2Android
Archos 101Android
Archos 28Android
Archos 32Android
Archos 43Android
Archos 5 Internet TabletAndroid
Archos 7 Home TabletAndroid
Archos 70Android
Archos 8 Home TabletAndroid
Augen Genbook108Android
Augen Gentouch78Android
Barnes & Noble NookAndroid
BlackBerry 8800BlackBerry
BlackBerry 950BlackBerry
BlackBerry Bold 9000BlackBerry
BlackBerry Bold 9650BlackBerry
BlackBerry Bold 9700BlackBerry
BlackBerry Curve 8300BlackBerry
BlackBerry Curve 8310BlackBerry
BlackBerry Curve 8320BlackBerry
BlackBerry Curve 8500BlackBerry
BlackBerry Curve 8900BlackBerry
BlackBerry Curve 9300BlackBerry
BlackBerry Storm 9530BlackBerry
BlackBerry Storm2 9550BlackBerry
Cincinnati Bell BlazeAndroid
Dell AeroAndroid
Dell StreakAndroid
Dopod 310Windows Mobile
Dopod 515Windows Mobile
Dopod 535Windows Mobile
Dopod 577WWindows Mobile
Dopod 585Windows Mobile
Dopod 595Windows Mobile
Dopod C720WWindows Mobile
Dopod S300Windows Mobile
EKEN M001Android
EKEN M002Android
EKEN M003Android
EKEN M006Android
enTourage eDGeAndroid
Era G1Android
Gome FlytouchAndroid
Gpad G10Android
Gpad G11Android
HTC AriaAndroid
HTC CanaryWindows Mobile
HTC DesireAndroid
HTC Desire HDAndroid
HTC Desire ZAndroid
HTC DreamAndroid
HTC Droid ErisAndroid
HTC Droid IncredibleAndroid
HTC Evo 4GAndroid
HTC HeroAndroid
HTC LegendAndroid
HTC MagicAndroid
HTC myTouchAndroid
HTC S310Windows Mobile
HTC S620Windows Mobile
HTC S621Windows Mobile
HTC TattooAndroid
HTC WildfireAndroid
Huawei S7Android
i-mate JAMA 201Windows Mobile
i-mate SmartflipWindows Mobile
i-mate SmartphoneWindows Mobile
i-mate Smartphone2Windows Mobile
i-mate SP3Windows Mobile
i-mate SP3iWindows Mobile
i-mate SP4mWindows Mobile
i-mate SP5Windows Mobile
i-mate SP5mWindows Mobile
i-mate SPJASWindows Mobile
i-mate SPLWindows Mobile
i-mobile 6010Android
i-mobile 8500Android
i-mobile i858Android
IMO X2Android
JOINTECH JAnd700Android
LG AllyAndroid
LG InTouch Max GW620Android
LG Optimus GT540Android
Maylong M-150Android
Moonse E7002Android
Motorola BackflipAndroid
Motorola BRAVOAndroid
Motorola CharmAndroid
Motorola CLIQAndroid
Motorola CLIQ XTAndroid
Motorola DEFYAndroid
Motorola DEXTAndroid
Motorola DroidAndroid
Motorola Droid 2Android
Motorola DROID ProAndroid
Motorola Droid XAndroid
Motorola FLIPOUTAndroid
Motorola i1Android
Motorola MilestoneAndroid
Motorola Milestone XT720Android
Motorola MOTOROIAndroid
Motorola MPx200Windows Mobile
Motorola QuenchAndroid
Nexus OneAndroid
Nexus SAndroid
O2 XDA CosmoWindows Mobile
O2 XDA OrionWindows Mobile
Optimus BostonAndroid
Orange BostonAndroid
Orange San FranciscoAndroid
Orange SPVWindows Mobile
Orange SPV C500Windows Mobile
Orange SPV C550Windows Mobile
Orange SPV C600Windows Mobile
Orange SPV C700Windows Mobile
Orange SPV E100Windows Mobile
Orange SPV E200Windows Mobile
Orange SPV E650Windows Mobile
Palm CentroPalm OS
Palm i705Palm OS
Palm IIIPalm OS
Palm IIIcPalm OS
Palm IIIePalm OS
Palm IIIxPalm OS
Palm IIIxePalm OS
Palm m100Palm OS
Palm m105Palm OS
Palm m125Palm OS
Palm m130Palm OS
Palm m500Palm OS
Palm m505Palm OS
Palm m515Palm OS
Palm Treo 500vWindows Mobile
Palm Treo 650Palm OS
Palm Treo 680Palm OS
Palm Treo 700pPalm OS
Palm Treo 755pPalm OS
Palm Tungsten CPalm OS
Palm Tungsten EPalm OS
Palm Tungsten E2Palm OS
Palm Tungsten TPalm OS
Palm Tungsten T2Palm OS
Palm Tungsten T3Palm OS
Palm Tungsten T5Palm OS
Palm Tungsten WPalm OS
Palm VPalm OS
Palm VIIPalm OS
Palm VIIxPalm OS
Palm VxPalm OS
Palm Z22Palm OS
Palm ZirePalm OS
Palm Zire 21Palm OS
Palm Zire 31Palm OS
Palm Zire 71Palm OS
Palm Zire 72Palm OS
Panda PadAndroid
Pandigital NovelAndroid
Qtek 7070Windows Mobile
Qtek 8010Windows Mobile
Qtek 8020Windows Mobile
Qtek 8060Windows Mobile
Qtek 8080Windows Mobile
Qtek 8100Windows Mobile
Qtek 8300Windows Mobile
Qtek 8310Windows Mobile
Qtek 8500Windows Mobile
Qtek 8600Windows Mobile
Samsung AcclaimAndroid
Samsung CaptivateAndroid
Samsung Epic 4GAndroid
Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800Android
Samsung Galaxy 550Android
Samsung Galaxy 580Android
Samsung Galaxy AAndroid
Samsung Galaxy i7500Android
Samsung Galaxy S i9000Android
Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700Android
Samsung Galaxy TabAndroid
Sanyo ZioAndroid
SciPhone N19Android
Smartbook SurferAndroid
SmartQ V5Android
SmartQ V7Android
Sony CLIé PEG-N610CPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-N710CPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-N760CPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NR70Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NR70VPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NX60Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NX70VPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NX73VPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NX80VPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-NZ90Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-S300Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-S320Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-S360Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-S500Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-SJ20Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-SJ22Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-SJ30Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-SJ33Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-SL10Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-T415Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-T615CPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-T665CPalm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-TG50Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-TH55Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-TJ25Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-TJ27Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-TJ35Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-TJ37Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-UX40Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-UX50Palm OS
Sony CLIé PEG-VZ90Palm OS
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10Android
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 miniAndroid
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini proAndroid
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10iAndroid
Sony Ericsson Xperia X8Android
Spice Mi-300Android
T-Mobile G1Android
T-Mobile G2Android
T-Mobile G2 TouchAndroid
T-Mobile myTouch 3GAndroid
T-Mobile myTouch 3G SlideAndroid
T-Mobile PulseAndroid
T-Mobile Pulse MiniAndroid
Toshiba AC100Android
Toshiba Folio 100Android
Velocity Micro Cruz ReaderAndroid
Velocity Micro Cruz TabletAndroid
Vodafone 845Android
Witstech A81EAndroid
Zenithink ZT-180Android
ZTE RacerAndroid


Games (253)
Finance (66)
Health (96)
Travel (116)
Reference (166)
Productivity (262)
Multimedia (136)
Communications (235)
System (162)
Entertainment (256)
Shopping (61)
Sports (58)
News (36)
Customization (13)
Utilities (29)
Internet (6)
Education (4)

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